Past Research - Overview

In the following you find synopses of two completed research projects, one on the Work Life Balance and one on the Fairness of Reviews and Development Initiatives.

Work Life Study

This study was done in 1999, using a sample of more than 150 people, whose views on their worklife balance were collected via an email-based survey. Core findings were that the long hours culture is still commonplace in the UK with most of us working harder than ever, that people generally don't think that their life is in balance and that younger people tend to be more dissatisfied. If you would like to read a more extensive and academic summary of the study please follow this link.

Employee Development Study

This study was done in 2000, evaluating the appraisal and development methodology of a new media agency. Essentially, we looked at fairness within employee development and how this affects employees' attitudes. We found that interpersonal aspects of the appraisal and development processes, such as warmth or respect, had the biggest impact on people's fairness perceptions, followed by more formal characteristics, such as the timeliness and structure of meetings. Interestingly, it was also established, that those who get feedback from a variety of colleagues (360 degree feedback) see the review process as fairer compared to those who had experienced one-to-one meetings. If you would like to read a more extensive and academic summary of the study follow this link.


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